The Flora and The Fauna

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loving animals, healing our world.

Every part of you

Anonymous asked: Hi, im from Germany and i just want. To say you that youre Blog is amazing! Im vegan too and i think u are beautiful! Thanks For all :-)

Hello to Germany hope that you are well, thank you for the wonderful compliments it truly means a lot, love to a fellow vegan xx


The touch, the feel of nature.

suni-ai celebration

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"Life is so much more simple than most humans realize. It is not this journey that must be conquered, that must be understood. It is a journey that must be lived, only lived in the present moment day-to-day, here and now. And in the entirety of each moment, there may be feelings from the past, feelings from the future, all kinds of emotions that cannot be explained by the mind. Feeling and allowing those emotions is part of the living, part of the being."

- lee harris


lovers <3